The Terms of Membership with the North East Victorian Hang Gliding Club Inc (NEVHGC) require you to acknowledge that flying activities from NEVHGC-managed sites is only permitted on the basis that:

  1.  You are a current member of the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA, previously HGFA).
  2.  You abide by the conditions contained within the SAFA (HGFA) liability waiver.
  3.  You adhere to the NEVHGC constitution and the SAFA (HGFA) constitution.
  4.  You adhere to all provisions of the current SAFA (HGFA) Operations Manual.
  5.  You accept that NEVHGC reserves the right to withdraw my membership if you fail to meet any of the above obligations.
  6.  You accept agree that your name, SAFA (HGFA) number, aircraft type and NEVHGC membership currency may be made publicly available.

It is not intended by this agreement to exclude or modify in any way those liabilities of the NEVHGC which cannot by law be excluded or modified.

All other warranties are hereby expressly excluded. 

All referenced SAFA documentation can be found on their website.

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