See where pilots have flown in the Bright area today, yesterday and during the last week.
Any pilot that has a tracking device connected to Geoff Wong's Highcloud website can be seen here.

Supported tracking devices are SPOT, GARMIN and Skylines

If you'd like to be connected to this webpage then please email Geoff Wong.


When undertaking XC flying it is important to have some way of being found should something unexpected occur.  In Australia there are many 'blackout' areas where phone communication is limited if not non-existant and this should be taken into account when deciding on what equipment to carry.

Here are some of the suppliers of equipment that paragliders may use in order to be found in case of emergency. 

NOTE:  As stated above, GARMIN, SPOT and Skylines are supported by Geoff Wong's pilot locator page.  These are, however, not the only suppliers of location equipment and we have no financial affiliation with any suppliers listed.

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