The Ovens-Kiewa Valleys are flyable all year round with different flying opportunities for each season.

SPRING – September to November

With the temperature differential at its greatest springtime thermalling can be strong and punchy.  XC is definitely possible and it may still be very chilly at height with snow often found on the tops of the local mountains.

SUMMER – December to February

Thermal conditions can be strong, particularly during the middle of the day on hotter days.  Long distances and great heights are there for the taking with great XC targets waiting to be achieved.

AUTUMN – March to May

Autumn often provides lovely smooth thermalling, often with great evening glass offs available.  Distances and heights may start to be restricted as the weather gets colder heading into the winter months.

WINTER – June to August

Gaps between flyable days become longer during winter with mostly extended sleddys.  A great opportunity to test out new wings and equipment in smooth air.  Winter is also a great time to intersperse flying with skiing.


In making predictions it is worth being aware that the topography of the Alpine valleys usually results in a northerly ‘Valley Breeze’ as air is drawn south to replace the warmed air rising off the hills.

This, together with the sun’s warming effect on Mystic Hill’s own northerly aspect can create favourable launch conditions even when the predictions are for a southerly breeze,


If we had a dollar for every time someone asked if the weather was looking ok for the weekend we'd have astroturf on all our launches!
Here are some of the useful tools we use to see what is going in and around the valley.

If you have any other favourites that you find useful please let us know.

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