• All pilots must hold a current SAFA (HGFA) membership.
  • To fly Mystic, all pilots must hold a current NEVHGC membership as well (NEVHGC membership is not compulsory for all other NEVHGC sites)
  • It is highly recommended that tandem passengers either be members of SAFA (HGFA) or of NEVHGC. SAFA passenger insurance is also available. 
  • All tandem passengers must have completed the HGFA tandem disclaimer form.
  • Instructors must have a written agreement with the NEVHGC to instruct at ANY NEVHGC site


Please be considerate to our local commmunity. We are heavily dependant on good relations with the locals, especially the farms who own the land we fly from and/or land on. Here are some guidelines to help ensure you and other pilots will be able to continue to fly.

  • HVP (the pine plantation owners) may close the main access track for Mystic on days of extreme fire danger or logging operations. This will be indicated via signage on Mystic Lane. Often these days represent sub-opitimal flying anyway. Better off spending the day in a water hole.

Launch Sites

  • No smoking on any of the launch sites. Most of our sites are in densely forested high fire risk areas.
  • Paragliders should bundle up if not intending to launch immediately to allow space for other pilots wanting to launch - especially commercial operators.
  • Hang gliders should attempt to set up to the side of the launches where possible.
  • Always check with locally based pilots before flying a site for the first time.  This should always include a site briefing.
  • Bright has a large local flying community that fly almost every day that is flyable.  So if you get to launch and there are no other pilots there, there might be a reason for that!
  • Drivign at higher speeds on the Mystic road damages your vehicle and damages the road.  This costs you money in vehicle repairs.  This costs the club more money in more frequent road gradings.  Excessive speed also annoys other users, causes a safety hazard and increased dust.  Drive to the speed limits indicated at all times.

Landing Areas

  • Please ensure you are familiar with the No Landing Zones in the area.
  • Avoid any paddocks with stock in them – specifically do not fly low over horses.
  • Leave gates as they are found. Gates may be closed to keep stock in or open giving them access to feed and water
  • Do not climb over fences – use gates or stiles or roll underneath the fence.
  • Do not smoke at ANY TIME in on private property or landing zones - not even vaping. From a distance it can look the same and impressions count.
  • No smoking anywhere else in the open during times of high fire risk (smoke in your car if you have to and do not throw ashes or butts out the window)
  • Leave no litter
  • Be courteous and greet anyone they see seeking assurance that they have not caused any offence, accepting any correction with grace and intent to pass feedback to the NEVHGC committee as required.
  • For detailed information please see the NEVHGC Land Owner Policy.

One of the best flying sites in the country, Mystic is our busiest site, has the most infrastructure and is the most expensive to maintain.

Because of this, and in addition to the Hancocks Victoria Plantation requirements, membership of NEVHGC is compulsory to fly this site.   

A north-facing site, it collects the sun and valley breeze most days so is the most consistently flyable site in the area.  Popular with schools and tandem operations, it can get busy, but the huge astroturfed launch means it can also handle a lot of wings easily. 

There are numerous cross country flying options to suit all level of pilots.

Rating: PG4 - HG Intermediate
Direction : North (Valley Wind)

Mt Buffalo is a large granite mountain that supports two launch sites.

  • The Gorge ramp launch is for hang-gliders only.  It is readily accessible with car parking close by.
  • Reid's lookout is suitable for paragliders.  It is accessible via a 20-minute walk from the nearest car park.  It is a bare granite face so a large tarpaulin is required to prevent damage to paraglider lines.

The image shown here is the Gorge ramp launch.

Rating: PG5 - HG Advanced, HG Intermediate under supervision
Direction : North East

This is a tree slot launch on a large inland ridge, located on the western side of the Kiewa Valley.
It is accessible from the main road via a sometimes rough dirt track which can usually be navigated by carefully driven 2WD vehicles.

Rating : PG4, HG Intermediate
Direction : North East

Mt Emu is a large mountain ridge overlooking Tawonga in the Kiewa Valley.  It is the highest mountain launch in Victoria.  The access track can be rough and is highly recommended for 4WD access only.  

Rating : PG4, HG Intermediate
Direction : South West

Hang Gliders only. 
Note that Paragliding Schools have express permission to use.

Rating: HG Only, Paragliding Schools
Direction : South East - South South West

Large, inland ridge with a southerly aspect and a medium size slot between small trees and shrubs.  Easy glide to landable paddocks below.  A very UNFRIENDLY local wedgetail eagle lives near this site and will attack.

Access track can be rough and 4WD vehicles highly recommended.

Rating: PG2, HG Supervised
Direction : South - South South West

Ground ramp through a tree slot in a small gorge.  Always check the weather station to ensure the wind direction as the wind coming up the front of the launch may not be indicative of true wind direction.

Very limited landing options in the valley below the site.

Rating: PG4, HG Intermediate (no bottom landing for HG)
Direction : South South West

This site is an airstrip that may be used for landing, tow endorsements and ground handling. 
When undertaking towing or ground handling, strict rules must be followed to use this site

  • VHF radios must be monitored and used to keep in contact with other aircraft in the area.
  • When ground handling on the airstrip pilots must abide by the SAFA Ground Handling at Aerodromes manual.

Rating: PG2, HG Supervised

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