Mystic is comprised of an astroturfed launch and two landing zones located on a mixture of pine plantation land leased from Hancocks Victoria Plantations Pty Ltd (HVP) and private property.‚Äč

  • Our club has a licence agreement with HVP for the launch and a landing zone to conduct our flying operations for which there is an annual fee and very strict requirements including compulsory NEVHGC membership.
  • We have a paid arrangement for access to the private property for the other landing zone.
  • The astroturf has a life expectancy of 25 years and was installed in 2008 at a cost of appoximately $50,000.  Club funds are put aside each year to cover the astroturf replacement when needed.   Read more about our astroturf ... 
  • Maintenance, including grading of the road to launch and paddock slashing in the landing paddock 
  • Tree rescue equipment for the SES
  • Defribulator
  • Keeping communication channels with local landowners open
  • Financial reserves for a possible landing paddock extension and picnic area
  • Weather stations.  These provide wind speed and direction on most sites in the area. 


As a solo pilot, you must have a current membership with both Sports Aviation Federation Australia (SAFA) and NEVHGC in order to launch from Mystic.
(NEVHGC membership is not required for our other sites)

NEVHGC offers different membership packages depending on how long you'd like to fly with us and SAFA also offer different membership options for visiting overseas pilots as well.


ALL tandem pilots must request permission to fly from the NEVHGC Club to fly any of our sites including Mystic, irrespective of whether they are flying recreational (sports) or commercial tandems.  

Tandem passengers must either be members of SAFA (formerly HGFA) or have at least signed a SAFA waiver form.

All tandem pilots must also meet the Solo Pilot requirements in regards to current membership with the SAFA and NEVHGC.


All visiting groups whether they be for tours, clinics or events must apply at least 1 month prior to arrival to the NEVHGC to do so.

They should advise the club of their intentions together with the expected number of visiting pilots and the organisers' details.  Please use the Reqest Permission link provided to the right.

Mystic launch supports a large community of free fliers, commercial tandem operations, a number of local schools and clinic providers.  The club needs to be made aware of groups of visiting pilots to ensure that flight operations can be operated safely, especially during times of high usage e.g. mitigate congestion issues by utilising a duty pilot.

All visiting pilots must also meet the Solo Pilot requirements in regards to current membership with the SAFA and NEVHGC.

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