Social media serves the NEVHGC flying community as a place to:

  • Share information about current flying conditions
  • Encourage newer members to get involved
  • Share flying resources, tips & tricks 
  • Answer questions to help others with their progression in the sport
  • Ask questions in a safe and supportive environment

The NEVHGC prides itself on being a welcoming club that works hard to balance maximising of flying opportunities against managing local community and land-owner relationships.  Bright is a unique community, which trades on tourism but is also fairly isolated and cognisant of visitor behaviour. 

The free-flying community have a good reputation in the area for being respectful and easy to play with amongst the other activities the area nurtures.

In order to uphold these values, we ask that all contributions from our members are:

  • Respectful - is someone likely to take offence to what I am contributing?
    Could I re-phrase it to be more respectful?
  • Relevant - are people on this group likely to be glad to have been alerted to this post?
    Is this group the right place to post it?
  • Positive - does my post contribute positivity to the group?
    If not, is there a better way to raise the issue to a more targeted audience?
    Does everyone on this group need to be brought down by the issue?

Behaviour that will not be tolerated includes:

  • Bullying - this includes intimidating behaviour, deliberate misuse of power, behaviour that is intended to cause distress or harm
  • Posts that are rude, offensive, gossip or rumour-spreading, racist, sexist, homophobic, belittling, harassing, threatening or unwanted by the recipient
  • Conjecture over government policy or general conspiracy theory topics (your own social media space is the place for these topics)
  • Bad language

If you are in doubt as to whether your contribution might be interpreted as poor behaviour, use your own social media channels instead.  Or maybe reconsider posting it at all.


In order to retain NEVHGC social media spaces as an enjoyable place for all, offenders will be warned once and then removed from the group if the code is not adhered to.

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