The North Eastern Victoria Hang Gliding Club (NEVHGC) is based in Bright in NE Victoria. The club is responsible for maintaining flying sites and good land-owner relations in the area. We also seek to provide development opportunities for our pilots; including license upgrades and provide resources for competition organisers who conduct competitions in our area such as the Mystic Cup, Southern Series and the Bright Open

The club maintains these sites

  • Mystic
    Mystic is the NEVHGC’s primary concern since it is a high maintenance site and is the only site that requires pilots to pay membership and join the club before they are allowed to fly the site. This is due to the fact that leasing both the launch and landing area costs the club many $1000s of dollars along with helping maintain the 10 km of gravel road to the launch. The club has also invested in covering the launch with professionally laid artificial turf.

Due to its location in a major tourist town, its orientation to the north and the potential for cross country flying, Mystic is one of the best flying sites in Australia. Mystic carpet – ‘from recycled oddments to world class launch’.

  • New2016Porepunkah Airfield is an important landing site for flights from Mystic and Mt Buffalo.
    However, ground handling practice is no longer allowed on the airport runway area. To maintain our welcome there please spread this info to all pilots who fly in this area. 
  • Mt Buffalo
  • Mt Emu
  • Tawonga Gap
  • SavHill (Gundowring)
  • The Pines is permanently closed to free flyers since it has been sold and now has a house built on it.
  • Eagle Rise is a nearby site used by the schools but this too is closed to free flyers since there is no approved landing directly in front. Landing options are being negotiated with landowners but any premature use of the site may jeopardise its future use as well as the potential for use of other sites along the south facing ridge.
  • Murmungee is on the same ridge further east across the Beechworth road and may be flown but there is no approved landing directly in front. The small paddock to the west of the Beechworth road may be used as a bomb-out but check the location of the power line before going up the hill. OK in a SW or SSW wind.

Ease of access to some of these sites may vary since they may not be used by many pilots and are not checked regularly. Please advise someone on the club committee if problems on the tracks or sites are found.

Familiarise yourself with the approved landing areas and the no-landing areas for all these sites.

Thank you in advance for your care regarding approved landing areas. Local landowners are a major asset to the success of the NEVHGC and it is everyone’s responsibility to try to keep them onside.

We hope you enjoy your flying in our region

Mystic access

The Mystic launch and access is controlled by HVP, the pine plantation managers. On periods of forecast extreme fire danger,  to minimise fire risk they may close access to the Mystic site and their plantations. HVP maintain a Fire Ban notification process, details here

This is the current status of forecast availability of the Mystic launch based on notifications of weather forecasts from HVP