It's been a tough start to the season and the NEVHGC appreciate that many members have not been able to visit the area for many months.  We've missed the Melbourne and interstate pilots.  We know most of those affected can't travel here yet, but when you can we want to help those who are feeling rusty to get ready to fly Mystic again.

The NEVHGC would like to invite any member who takes advantage of the Bright schools to refresh their skills to claim a maximum $50 subsidy, thanks to the Victorian State Government.  The aim of this initiative is to encourage and assist qualified pilots to prepare for flying given the extended absences due to COVID restrictions.  The initiative also intends to stimulate work for local instructors who have been affected by bushfires and COVID restrictions.

Your Bright instructor will advise how they will structure the coaching but the intention is that you feel better prepared to fly here.  Coaching may include anything from ground handling; through practice launches and landings to reminders on how the air behaves at this time of year around Mystic Hill.

The Club has received COVID-related grants of $1,500 which will be used to deliver this initiative.  This equates to 30 pilot subsidies of up to $50 each.  While this is not a huge amount, it reflects our commitment to using the grant to assist as many pilots as we can in a meaningful way and to acknowledge the effect that bushfires and COVID have had on those pilots.  We hope it will help members to get back in the air again.

The subsidy will be available to any current or expired NEVHGC Member towards Pilot Refresher Coaching given by a participating instructor local to Bright.  The participating instructors have been briefed on the expectation and the Club is satisfied with their intended use of the time.  The full cost of the coaching is at the discretion of the individual instructors; the NEVHGC subsidy being a fixed maximum amount per pilot. 


Wally Arcidiacono - Bright Flight
Fred Gungl - Active Flight
Brian Webb – XCKms.


  1. To be eligible for the subsidy, a Pilot must be:
    - a current SAFA member on the dates of the Pilot Refresher coaching
    - a current or expired member of NEVHGC.
  2. If NEVHGC membership has expired the Pilot may register for a 2-day complimentary Refresher Coaching membership by clicking here.
  3. To claim the subsidy, pilots must submit a receipt for the coaching from a participating instructor together with their application.
  4. The subsidy may only be claimed once per member.
  5. The subsidy represents a maximum reimbursement and cannot be worth more than the amount paid for the coaching.
  6. The subsidy may be claimed towards the cost of a check-flight if performed by a participating local instructor.
  7. The subsidy may not be claimed for instruction given as part of an initial qualification.
  8. Funds will be allocated in order of receipt of the application for up to 30 pilots.
  9. At the Club's discretion, the scheme may be extended to include a greater number of applicants.
  10. The subsidy can be claimed for coaching which occurs between 16th September 2020 and 31st January 2021.  The Club may choose to extend those dates.
  11. By applying for the subsidy, you give permission for the Club to send you a survey to understand better the benefits of the initiative.  You are under no obligation to complete the survey but it would help for future initiatives.


  • Complete your Refresher Coaching day with a Participating instructor, and ask for a receipt for your payment.
  • Applications for the subsidy will be made online clicking on the link below.
  • Applications must be accompanied by an uploaded scan or photo of your receipt of payment.
  • You will be asked to submit your bank details online to facilitate payment or if you prefer, you may contact the Treasurer directly to give those details.
  • Claims will be processed within 30 days of receipt of application.

We hope that this initiative will help members and look forward to seeing you back on Mystic Hill soon.

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