At its 2011 Annual General Meeting, the NEVHGC membership considered legal issues regarding the use of NEVHGC sites by pilots who wish to take their friends/acquaintances for a non-commercial tandem flight.

This is because the passenger may well be neither a member of HGFA nor of NEVHGC.
Taking such persons for a tandem flight increases the exposure of you, as the pilot-in-command, to legal action from that person should that person become injured, or suffer some other damage or loss.

      You are solely responsible for the health and welfare of your passenger.

NEVHGC is in no way responsible for your tandem flying.

However, to assist tandem pilots in this situation and offer some additional protection to the club and its members, NEVHGC now requires that all passengers in non-commercial tandem flights conducted from NEVHGC sites will complete the waiver form provided by the HGFA (see link below).

In this declaration the passenger acknowledges that they are about to engage in a hazardous and dangerous activity and that they have been warned of the risk and furthermore they also agree to be bound by the HGFA rules.

** It is entirely your responsibility as tandem pilot-in-command to advise your passenger of these risks and ensure that they correctly complete the HGFA Sport Tandem Waiver.

Link to the HGFA Sport Tandem passenger waiver form via HGFA Members log-on.  Updated Aug 2016. This one page form is found in the HGFA web site ‘Member’s area’. You will need to log on and search in the ‘Membership documents and forms’. Then scroll down to ‘Membership documents’ and click on the ‘SPORTS TANDEM WAIVER’ to download it.

Do not expect a committee member on the hill to carry forms with them.
It is your responsibility to supply these forms if you intend to fly a non-commercial tandem and subsequently to either keep them safe or forward them to the HGFA who will archive them.
Pilots who currently have NEVHGC approval to conduct non-commercial sport tandem flights from Mystic include:

Aaron Richards
Adam Nienkemper
Adam Young
Airie Sasha
Alistair Dickie
Alister Johnson
Andrew Davies
Andrew Gough
Andrew Horchner
Bill Oates
Brett Robinson
Brian Webb
Bulent Demir
Chris Noye
Clinton Arnall
Craig Collins
Craig Nagel
Dave Snowden
David Godden
Fred Gungl
Garry Stevenson
Geoff Bednal
Geoff Wong
Ian Dayble
Illin Ilinov
James Bird
Jeffry Seals
Joel Ryan
Jon Seltin
Kari Roberson
Karl Texler
Kieran Schultz
Leigh Harry
Matt Hall
Matt Smith
Michael Armstrong
Rob McDermitt
Sasa Juvan (Airie)
Simon Houston
Stephen Groundwell
Ted Jenkins
Wally Arcidiacono
Zane Priebbenow

John Turnbull

David Roffey

Noah Terracall

Andrew Forbes

Miroslav Capko

Alessandro Spina

Guillaume Carre

Ramon Brasnja

Haydon Gray


If you believe you should be included on this list or would like the NEVHGC to consider you as an approved sport tandem pilot for Mystic launch, please contact a committee member prior to conducting any tandem flights from Mystic.