Site guide with “No landing areas”

Areas marked on the VHPA site guide in red are “No landing areas
Areas marked in green are “Paraglider friendly landing areas

Maintain a flight plan that enables you to reach “Paraglider friendly areas” and avoid “No landing areas”
Focus on where you can land rather than where you cannot land

VHPA site guide for the NEVHGC region

This is an OpenAir  airspace format file for capable devices detailing identified “No landing areas”

Pilots wishing to fly in the NEVHGC area are requested to keep themselves up to date on the launch site details and where they can and can’t land. This applies especially to visiting pilots who may not be familiar with the area. As the required information is readily available, pilots who offend in a non-emergency situation may be dealt with accordingly – up to and including being banned from NEVHGC sites.

NEVHGC accepts that landings in a no-landing zone may occur from time to time. In the event that you land in forbidden property:

1. If confronted by the landowner, remain calm, apologise immediately, ask for the best exit route, pack up immediately (or bundle up if it’s not a long walk) and leave.
2. If the landowner asks for contact details, provide them with your name and phone number (these landowners may contact NEVHGC and we need to be able to talk with the pilot too).
3. You should notify NEVHGC in any case (the club Senior Safety Officer is a good contact) and let them know what happened. Providing landowner contact details definitely helps.

You have certain rights in such a situation:

1. The landowner is not allowed to physically or verbally assault you, threaten you in any way or interfere with your flying equipment (including attempting to confiscate it).
2. The landowner must give you the opportunity to leave his property in good time via the normal entry/exit route (forcing you to climb a barb wire fence is not acceptable).
3. If you are complying with a reasonable request to leave, you are not guilty of tresspass.

If you feel your rights have been compromised, the police should be contacted (as well as NEVHGC).

NEVHGC is very conscious of the importance of a good relationship with the local landowning community. Respect for non-landing areas plays a key role in maintaining this relationship. When landowner related incidents occur, NEVHGC will play an active role in resolving the resulting issues so that we can continue with our sport in this region.