Southerly launch

Chairlift to Mystic launch

Information sign renewal

Sign_proofOldandNewAs one of the leading free flight clubs in Oz, the NE Vic HG club gets thousands of tourists each year visiting the landing paddock and Mystic hill launch. Many years ago the club decided to answer some of their questions with an information board at the bottom of the hill. Recently it was decided that the board was looking very tired and out of date so a new information sign was felt necessary. Although the board is quite large it is easy and economical nowadays to make use of modern printing techniques, so a more informative sign with much better graphics was planned.

A brief history of flight and some info about the NEVic HG club is included on the sign as it is often surprising to many people how far back in time Australia’s involvement in early flight experiments can be traced (Hargreve and his box kites in the late 19th century at Stanwell). Sometimes, equally surprising is how little most people know about our sport!


Mystic Flight Park Amenities block and memorial garden