Southern Summer Series (SSS) PG comp.

SSS dates are as follows.

  • 1: 24-25 September 2016 – Mystic
  • 2: 22-23 October 2016 – TBA
  • 3: 26-27 November 2016 – TBA
  • 4: 17-18 December 2016 – TBA
  • 5: 11-12 February 2017 – TBA
  • Supplementary Weekends: 4-5 & 11-12 March 2017

Regards, Wally, organiser

Spring 2016. From the NEVHGC President…

Hi all,

The weather is slowly warming and the flying season is just around the corner. Before the season begins I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on some thoughts and requests for all pilots.

  1. Be sure to check all your gear is airworthy and in good condition for the season ahead.
  2. If you haven’t flown since the end of last season, take some time to ground handle your glider and get those muscle memories back. Remember, the most dangerous time of your flights will be when you are close to the ground (launching and landing). This is especially important for low airtime pilots.

Also with regards to this, please remember that Mystic can be particularly rough and bumpy in strong punchy spring conditions. Please fly the conditions you are comfortable with. You may be rusty after a long flying break and the full season stretches for many months, take it easy until you get your ‘wings’ back. Don’t end your season in your first week’s flying.

  1. It is a rule that all pilots flying Mystic must be a member of the NEVHGC and the HGFA. Don’t be that person who disobeys this rule. There is potential that Mystic could be closed if an accident occurs to a non HGFA or non NEVHGC member. Don’t spoil it for everyone who does the right thing.
  1. Please be aware that there have been several changes to the HGFA ops manual. This is especially relevant to pilots who hold a restricted or student license. Please see the revised HGFA ops manual for specifics.
  1. As you are probably aware, these days we share the Mystic road with many Mountain Biking enthusiasts. It is highly unlikely that this is going to change, so let’s do our best to share this great facility with this user group. I ask that you be respectful of all traffic and road users throughout the season.
Thanks in advance for your co-operation with the above.

Blue Skies and Safe Landings to you all, regards

Wally Arcidiacono. NEVHGC President


Coming up to membership renewal time 2016-17

All pilots wishing to fly Mystic are required to renew their membership at the end of August each year. Annual membership remains the same as last year at $85 per annum. Please log on to to renew your membership.

It is a requirement of our lease agreement with the pine/logging company from whom we lease the launch and landing area that ALL pilots will be members of both the HGFA and the NEVHGC before flying. The club needs your membership subscription to continue to pay our lease fees and to contribute to the maintenance of the 10 km of gravel road linking the them. We also distribute more than a dozen xmas hampers to land holders who allow us to launch and land on their property, and pay an annual fee for the extra, large landing field below Mystic.

New sign on launch 2016


Click here to see a .pdf of the launch sign…

The old sign was getting less readable with age so the decision was made to replace it. This also allowed us to add some new wording reminding pilots about the importance of not landing in areas where landowners have requested we avoid their property. The sign has the link to the VHPA web site where all landing options are displayed at . 

Pilots should familiarise themselves with the areas where they intend to fly and the site has mapping information which is downloadable to suitable flight instruments.

President’s Report Spring 2015

North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club has been busy over the winter period preparing for the 2015-2016 flying season.

Launch Upgrade

We’ve recently, in preparation for the Melbourne Cup long weekend, had the Mystic LZ mowed and a few pot holes filled in. The launch will be looking larger as we have had a contractor clear the troublesome sapling trees to the left of launch to reduce rotor turbulence when there is a westerly influence. We are intending to sew grass seed on this slope to stablise the earth before the blackberries become prolific.

Life Members

LifeMembers2015The committe has awarded Brian Webb, John Chappman ( Chappo), and Karl Texler with well deserved Life Membership to the NEVHGC. All their efforts over the past many years is immense and quite often gone unnoticed by the general membership and pilots alike. I’ve attached a photo of them and their certificates of appreciation rewarding them all with Life Memberships. Thank each and everyone of them when you see them next on the hill!

AGM Delayed

Because of date clashes with the NVTO and the Canungra Cup in Queensland the NEVHGC’ s AGM is to be held during the Xmas and New Year holiday period. The AGM is where a new committee will be elected and I encourage members to come along and get involved and even to consider taking on an executive position in this progressive Club. The excact dates will be announced to due course.

Local Committee Representation

We are currently being represented in a local committee in the Alpine area for a government grant funded event centre This could be a great facility for our sport to use for our flying events. More information to come as it comes availiable.

Safe flying.

Andrew Horchner, President