Fire ban access

During periods of Total Fire Ban declared by HVP, access to Mystic via Hancock’s tracks is strictly prohibited

These Fire Ban periods are identified by HVP and messaged to us and other interested parties by daily SMS

The fire bans are based on the McArthur Mk 5 Forest Fire danger meter




Alternative access

An alternative access path through non Hancocks’ tracks is marked in the following image.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Leaving the Maze in Wandiligong, drive up Grenville Rd and turn left onto Brown Rd. Follow Brown Rd until the right turn onto McCallum Rd. At the next intersection make a right U turn and continue uphill on Aumman Rd at the end of which there is a quick left turn, then right turn onto the Moran Track. Follow this for 4.3 km to the Emily Corner where you make another U turn back onto the normal uphill road and follow this to launch. Distance 10.4 km.