These are the guidelines for driving the Mystic Park access tracks:

1. Drivers should keep their speed below 40 km/h on straight sections and drive the curves at 25 to 30 km/h.
2. Vehicles passing each other should slow to 20km/h, and make all efforts to give each other space.
3. Vehicles driving the lower part of Mystic Lane Straight (near the houses) should reduce their speed to the point where little or no dust is kicked up.
4. In dusty conditions, vehicles should turn on their headlights and should reduce their speed to the point where they can stop within the limit of their visibility.
5. When vehicles are passing each other on a narrow road cut into the side of a slope, the vehicle nearest the slope should make room for the vehicle nearest the edge.
6. All this notwithstanding, all users should behave towards each other with courtesy and consideration and take all steps to avoid the chances of a collision.
7. All commercial operators have the ability (and responsibility) to educate new students who will be driving the road in the future on the best driving practices on Mystic Hill. This can be through discussion as they are driving up the hill and through the example they set.

On days when cycle events are being held members will be advised of the agreed procedures to get up the hill. These may include contacting the cycling transport operators on an agreed radio channel and stopping at manned crossing points on the road.

Be aware that on days when no events are organised, casual downhill cycle riders may still be descending the hill and crossing the road at certain points.

Please take care on the road.

The Mystic track can be a busy and potentially dangerous stretch of road at any time. Pilots rushing up, looking more at the sky than the road. Retrieve drivers, unfamiliar with dirt roads cautiously trying to find their way down.

These guidelines above will be used in assessing complaints of inappropriate driving behaviour. If a given individual accumulates three separate complaints (i.e resulting from 3 separate incidents), which are subsequently proven, within a 12 month period, the guilty party shall have their membership (hence their site privileges at Mystic Hill) revoked for one calendar year from the date when the final (third) “guilty” verdict was rendered.

If all members impose these guidelines on themselves, their driving will be acceptable.