Thank you for joining the North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club. Your contribution will help maintain and improve Mystic as one of Australia’s best flying sites.

Your membership helps to fund club activities including:

  • Site leases
  • Maintenance, including grading of the road to launch and paddock slashing in the landing paddock.
  • Weather stations. These provide wind speed and direction on most sites in the area. See the website for details.
  • Tree rescue equipment for the SES
  • Defribulator
  • Keeping communication channels with local landowners open.
  • Financial reserves for a possible landing paddock extension and picnic area.

General Site Rules

  • All pilots must be current HGFA and NEVHGC members.
  • Hancocks (the pine plantation owners) may close the main access track for Mystic on days of extreme fire danger. This will be indicated on the sign on the the speed limit sign on Mystic Lane. An alternate route is available (check the NEVHGC website for details).
  • No smoking on launch.
  • Speed on the Mystic road costs you money, and annoys other users. The faster you drive, the more often the road needs to be graded. Please refer to the NEVHGC website for guidelines on how to drive the access tracks.
  • Hang gliders set up to the sides of the launch area.
  • It is highly recommended that tandem passengers either be members of HGFA or of NEVHGC. Pilots take tandem passengers entirely at the pilot’s own risk (check the NEVHGC website for details). Waiver forms (and instructions how to use them) are available on the club website.
  • HGFA passenger insurance is also available.
  • Instructors must have a written agreement with the NEVHGC to instruct at Mystic.

Please be considerate to the locals. We are all dependent on good relations with locals, especially the farmers who own the land we fly from and/or land on. Here are some guidelines to help ensure you and other pilots will be able to continue to fly

  • Always check with local pilots before flying new sites.
  • Keep the speed down on Mystic Lane. Pilots account for a lot of the traffic on this road over summer. Remember the speed limit is 50km/h and there is commercial accommodation on both sides of the road, so look out for kids.
  • Leave gates as you find them. Gates may be closed to keep stock in, or open to allow them to feed. Ensure that all pilots and drivers understand.
  • No smoking on farmers’ land especially during times of high fire risk. For the last couple of seasons fire bans have been in place for most of summer.
  • Do not take dogs on or near farmer’s properties.
  • Don’t climb fences. Use stiles and gates whenever possible.
  • Always get permission to take a vehicle onto a property.
  • Ensure vehicles that won’t be carrying gliders are not taken onto the property.
  • Put all gliders in one car, rather than having a convoy crossing the property. Always drive slowly.
  • Avoid landing in paddocks containing crops or stock. Carefully move off crops to avoid damage by immediately bundling your paraglider, or carrying your hang glider and taking the shortest/least damaging route off the crop.
  • Don’t land in areas where gliders are known to be unwelcome. Check out our website for more details.

From us all at NEVHGC, stay safe and enjoy your flying. See you in the air!