The North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club (NEVHGC) leases, maintains and operates Mystic, one of Australia’s best flying sites.

To fly from Mystic you must be a current member of the NEVHGC.

You can join the NEVHGC club as either a full or associate member

  • Full membership is valid for 1 year
  • Associate membership covers you for either 1 or 14 days from the date of payment

Join the NEVHGC here
See a current membership list here

You must also have a current Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA) membership.

To check whether your HGFA membership is valid, or to renew it, login into the HGFA website here, and click ‘View Licence and Ratings’
You can check someone else’s membership if you know their HGFA number.

Overseas pilots

To fly PG or HG in Australia, HGFA membership and HGFA insurance is mandatory.
For further information see the HGFA website under ‘overseas pilots’.

Supervised pilots

Mystic is an Intermediate rated site. If you hold a Supervised rating, there MUST be a pilot with an Intermediate or above rating present at launch. The Intermediate or above rated pilot can PREVENT you from launching if she or he believes it is NOT SAFE for you to launch.

See the HGFA Ops Manual Section 3 – Responsibility of Pilots, Clubs, Duty Pilots and Safety Officers.