Conditions and obligations of NEVHGC membership

WARNING: Paragliding and hang gliding are inherently dangerous.

I acknowledge that the North East Victorian Hang Gliding Club Inc (NEVHGC) is only prepared to allow flying activities from the sites that it controls on the basis that I accept ALL responsibility for loss, damage and injury including fatal injury to any person or organisation arising from my flying activities.

I understand that it is a condition of flying from NEVHGC-controlled sites that all persons and organisations connected with the operation of those sites, including the NEVHGC and owners of any property around which flying takes place are absolved from all liability for all loss, damage and injury, whether that liability arises from negligence or otherwise.

I agree to indemnify the NEVHGC and each of the persons and organisations referred to above against any claim which may be made against them by any person arising out of any act or default on my part associated with flying activities at NEVHGCcontrolled sites.

I agree to adhere to the rules contained in the HGFA Operations Manual and the NEVHGC constitution.

I understand that the NEVHGC reserves the right to withdraw my membership if I fail to meet my obligations.

It is not intended by this agreement to exclude or modify in any way those liabilities of the NEVHGC which cannot by law be excluded or modified. All other warranties are hereby expressly excluded.